Regardless of your application, P.C. Technologies provides you with simple, functional, cost effective solutions.  If your customer requires specific product blends and additives, the 501/502 system, along with additional featuraes,  will satisfy this requirement.


By supplying a pre-programmed fleet or Smatr cards to meet the requirements of your customer, your job is nearly done.  One swipe of the card begins an automated process that ends with the paper work (invoicing, etc.) and accounting completed.


The fleet card simply provides your customer with access to specific codes which define the type of product required.  Once the product code is entered, the 501/502 system selects the product blending ratio and the additive injection required to result in the specified product.


Now that the transaction is complete, pertinent data is transmitted to the base computer through wireless communication means (that means no excavation and no additional wiring), and invoicing and accounting is processed based on a pre-defined pricing and payment structure.


Now, suppose you have more than one site.  No problem.  The P.C. based host is set up to receive information from unlimited sites.  The paper work is completed at a host level without a requirement to maintain a tracking system at each site.


How does the host receive the information.  Glad you asked.  P.C.T.’s system is designed sent information in real time over the  Internet.

Now you can use our GoPos internet based system with it.That can be viewed from any where in the world.

 You may be surprised to find that P.C. Technologies also provides compatible systems for truck units, fleet sites, and retail self serve/full serve applications.  Read on, and you will realize how integrated this system is.


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