P.C.Technologies innovative 203M Console is designed as an integrated wireless Self Serve and Full Service system. Most older sites are not wired in for a console thus making wireless the cheapest (in terms of business downtime) and fastest, typical installation time per site is one or two days. Communication is accomplished by transmitting data over the existing AC power lines. 


Although simple in design, the series 203M Console offers features which rival with any other manufacturer’s. It’s flexible and does not generate any operational codes. All operations and diagnostics are printed or displayed in plain English with solutions. P.C.Tech will also modify their standard design to suite customer’s specifications.


Response time between the console and pump is about 1 second through wireless means.

External communication is via RS232, RS422 and scanner ports.


Display and Status

The four line, 40 character, backlit LCD display allows the attendant to read and scroll/manipulate functions simply.


Flexibility & User Friendly

To shift console position no major restructuring is     required, just pull the plug and carry it over to the new location.

Battery backup is good for five years without power.

Continuous self diagnostic software keeps correcting faults and prints all instructions in plain English


No Control Panels or Cable

   Huge control panels are not needed due to the

wireless concept what you see is what you get.


Fueling Points

Control any number of fueling points.



The 505 console can generate the following reports:

  Card totals on demand.

  Unit totals or nozzle totals.

  Totals of pumps with the same product.

     Running volume and amount figures for each


  Generates compulsory report of all sales not

  entered into the cash register.

  A log of total employee working hours.

  Decreasing tank balance.

  Taxes batch report.




Voltage                                115/240 VAC + 20%

Frequency                            50/60 Hz.

Current                                1 Amp (Max)


Dimensions:                         14²(W) x 11²(L) x 7.5²(H)

Weight:                                7 lb.

OPERATING TEMPERATURE:    Operating: 0° to 55°C     Storage: -40° to 55°C

CSA Approved


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