Gandhi Holdings Ltd:(Parent)

Gandhi Holdings Ltd is holding company with many divisions also Engaged in engineering, Research and Development for industrial automation hardware and software. Manufactured and marketed by other divisions.

Gandhi Holdings Ltd was started in 1981 in the Province of  B.C. Canada, since then it has played the role of parent company to many fruitful enterprises mostly in the arena of  R&D for unique product development.

Bravo Screens (Div)

Canadian manufacturer of  Retractable Screens with Patented Clutch system that will open very smoothly.No Slamming when the screen is opened.

Hybird Electric (Div)

Hybird Electric is involed in Development of Alternate power Vehicals since 1974 and in 1986 built the worlds first Hybird with electric & gaspowered car (Gaselle) and drove from New York to Expo1986 in Vancouver, BC, Canada and was Displayed for the duration of Expo.We were the First ever to Drive 5000 miles/8050 Km.

P.C. Technology (Div)

Manufactures and markets a complete range of Petroleum Retail and Wholesale Automation equipment, including Fleet,Credit,Debit and Smart Card systems.

Gandhi Machine Works(Div) 

Manufactures and markets a complete range of Blind manufacturing and Automation equipment for window fashion industries.

The Blind Factory(Div)  

Markets complete turnkey business under the trade name "The Blind Factory"  or Bravo Window Fashion.

Bravo Window Fashion(Div)

Vancouver Island's manufacturer of Complete Window Fashions 

Ecom Secure Inc

Real Time E-Commerence Solutions, In 1999 we borrowed technology from another one of our companies, P.C. Technology, which has been in the Credit Card Authorization and Processing Business in the petroleum sector, I.E., pay at the pump for Fleet & Credit Card transactions for the past 16 years. In that time our proven and tested system has processed billions of transactions.

We are now bringing our proven technology to you and the web for E-Commerence and a whole host of exciting applications for any Business in the World.

GOPOS (Div Ecom) or /demo

GOPOS is a Web based Point of Sale & E-Commerence Software with built in Cash, Charge, Credit, Debit, Fleet and Private Label card Processing for any business in the world of retail, wholesale, distributions, service industry, shipping to manufacturing and any other field that you can think of


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