P.C. Technology's Products are designed to replace a dispenser's old mechanical/electronic head, or to be incorporated within a new dispenser. In either case, the installation time is minimal and the the costs are low. With the new, reliable wireless system, a site, whether old or new, can be converted with little down-time and no site excavation. The wireless communication also provides expansion for on-line credit card authorization, debit card, fleet card, and full/self-serve. These features can also be applied with standard serial communication means.

Canadian and European pump manufactures, currently incorporating P.C. Technology

systems in to their products. With decreasing profit margins in gasoline sales, retailers can acquire greater customer allegiance by using this innovative fuel dispensing system. Major oil companies can benefit from improved budgets, while independents can benefit from the convenience of larger systems at reduced costs.

Simplicity of installation awards the site with the benefit of virtually no down time.


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