* Wireless transfer from host computer of deliveries for the day. You can also use floppies or PCMICIA cards.


* Customer Database updated for each delivery. Facilitates will-call, a new customer is on the system next trip.


* Customer look up on truck can be by name or customer account number.



* Transfer includes Customer file upload into truck for delivery and immediate printout of work order for truck driver. Upon returning to yard all daily transactions will be downloaded to Host system for transfer to your accounting package.

* Invoice printing on site includes Gross volume if unit is equipped with ATC (Weights and Measures requirement).

* You have the option of using the Host system's accounting package or getting any custom format to download latest financial and inventory reports to your existing accounting package.

* Unit & Product totals with each report. Various Tax breakups.

* Decreasing tank balance.

* All transactions are automated, the staff only needs to reply to easy prompts. Menu driven for Ease of use for Truck operator. Menu offering options for Cash, Credit, Cheque or Charge.



* .7" or 1" for Money & Volume.

* .5" display for Price.

* Multilevel price option for cash, charge or credit cards, including a discount structure depending on product and payment mode. With upto twenty discount levels per customer.

* Slow flow solenoid valve option is available.

* Battery life is ten years, retention is a minimum of one year on low battery message. Low battery message is flagged two years in advance.

* Self monitoring optical multi channel Pulser will shut unit down in case of error detection.

* All totalizers are Electronic and will be retained for two years without power.

* Credit and debit card acceptability on the truck.

* Fleet Card handling capability.

* Single or dual probe per channel ATC option.

* For flow meters that cannot be adjusted or fine tuned (i.e., Propane meters) the divisor can be programmed or adjusted as per requirement.

* Linearized flow for better gains.

* Optional direct link with loading racks equipped with PCT Equipment. Each rack generating a report for each truck. The inventory count for declining balance will be automatically transmitted to the truck's onboard

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